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Live glamour, Live exclusivity.

Lima's Hotel since 1927

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The best of past and present, together

Staying at Country Club Lima Hotel means being part of Lima’s history: cosmopolitan, historic, unique. Each of the hotel’s corners and corridors hides a legend, a story, a mystery. It is a storied icon that keeps transforming itself, preserving in its corners legends, visits of celebrities and countless social gatherings lived in one of the most exclusive areas of the capital.

Our history through time

  • The construction project of the Country Club Lima Hotel begins.
  • President Augusto B. Leguía founds the hotel.
  • The 19th hole of the Golf Course of Lima Golf Club is in the hotel gardens.
  • Foundation of the American Women's Literary Club at the Country Club Lima Hotel.
  • The polo field is located in the back gardens of the Country Club Lima Hotel.
  • North American billionaire Nelson Rockefeller stays at the hotel.
The 50s
  • One of the most remembered fashion shows was held, dedicated to fine leather and jewelry.
  • Film artist John Wayne, who met his Peruvian wife Pilar Pallete, stayed at the hotel.

The Renewal

From 2015 to 2017, a second and ambitious remodeling was undertaken to renovate the main spaces of the hotel. Francisco Lopez Bustos, author of notable projects was chosen. He was commissioned the renovation and enhancement of this sample of Hispanic architecture of the first decades of the twentieth century. Architectural elements of the time that needed to be preserved, recovered and highlighted were identified in order to strengthen the original harmony. In rooms and suites, a strong visual stimulus was introduced: a giant poster on bed headboards where a large mural of motifs extracted from the rich Peruvian past is placed.