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A classic of the nightlife scene in Lima

English Bar

Emblematic Bar of the Culture of Pisco

Timeless Essence

It is one of the most storied places by Peruvian literature of the second half of the twentieth century. But beyond fiction, the cozy and engaging darkness of its wooden walls, and the warmth and readiness of its bar, have made our English Bar a classic of the nighlife scene in Lima.

Its dim lighting and soft music make it a perfect setting for intimate encounters and conversation, accompanied by one of the best pisco sours in the capital.

Our menu

The English Bar menu offers a wide and consistent variety of national and international drinks. It also offers a variety of cocktails made with pisco, our flagship spirit.
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It preserves the Peruvian gastronomic tradition and essence and combines it with the best of the international proposal in an authentic fusion of flavors.


An ideal place to have a cup of tea during the week while enjoying the live music of a grand piano.